Super Bowl

I Only Watched

the last two minutes of the game which I heard was the exciting part. I am not much of a football person. I did want to see who won. I had a feeling the Eagles would win.  I had been searching for some time to get all the correct colors to make an Eagle wreath. So, on Saturday I was able to get all the supplies, I needed.20180205_114211I began making the wreath. This was the result. Now I am on my way to make something else interesting.

A New Year

It is now 2018

Many days have passed since I have last posted here. But I have been busy. I have done

many Fall craft Shows won a ribbon, cruised from Quebec on a ship and celebrated Christmas. Now I am getting ready to kick off the Spring season. Here are a few photos from 2017. (below)20171130_051955.jpg


A Christmas decoration for our table



A project with glass pebbles


Sunrise at sea


The dining car on the train


Sailing past The Statue of Liberty

Winning Second Place




20170603_093446-1 (1)


Happy April

April is here now but no joking around.

March was busy making wreaths and trying new things online.

  1. I like to do watercolor when we cruise, however, I have a great deal to learn.
  2. While scrolling online I found a website that turns photos into watercolors.

Here are my attempts:

This was a picture of a beach we had visited and also a sunrise early in the morning at sea.

The first is the original picture the second is the representation of the photo after I visited the site Tinrocket Waterlouge. The lighthouse and grapes below is my attempt at watercolor. I do not get enough time when I am home to practice.

What I do with my time is make wreaths and other things.

I also keep busy by trying new things online. I love designing with Pic Monkey give me some time and I will be a whiz. Until the next time.

Paper Towels are not just for hands

Years ago I found out 20170312_070657-1that a pretty paper napkin or hand towel can be used to make an attractive votive holder.





This is a simple process using the following items.

You will need a clean glass votive

Printed paper napkins or hand towels 2 or 3 ply

Mod Podge

Sponge brush


Something flat to hold Mode Podge

Protective cover for table e.g plastic bag

Step 1.

Separate the towel or napkin down carefully to only 1 ply, leaving the printed sheet intact.

Cut off the section that is textured where the pieces were joined together if you

see any texture.


Step 2.

Tear the remainder of the paper into small bits not too small or big20170311_110203

Step 3.

Spread small sections of the outside of the glass with the Mod Podges and smooth on some of the pieces of paper.

Place the pieces in no special order. Make sure the pieces are smooth by adding some Mod Podge on top with a light coat. Allow to dry for about 60 minutes.



Place another coat of Mod Podge over the last and allow to dry again.


Add a battery powered votive for safety. The glass above is shown with a regular votive just for time sake.

You can also use decorative tissue paper. I only had some leftover Christmas tissue paper. I wanted to see how it would work.



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Steps for Making a Basic Carrot Wreath



Mesh –1 roll of 21-inch orange/ 1 roll of 10-inch green

Orange mesh tubing

4-inch orange mesh ribbon

Orange chenille stems

Three yards of ribbon for a bow

1 1/2 yards of open weave burlap ribbon

I used a metal wreath holder for basic frame. I just bent the legs to the





Step 1

Attach orange mesh to frame with chenille stems, making it wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.


Step 2

Measure about 28 inches of orange mesh ribbon making four or five bows with the cross over method and place in various spots using the attached chenille stems.

Step 3

Make a double or triple loop bow with the orange mesh tubing. Attach across the top middle and bottom of the carrot using attached chenille stems. Weave the mesh throughout the carrot without cutting until the last loop is attached.


Step 4

Cut four 12-inch pieces of green 10- mesh. The pieces should measure 10×12. Fold the green mesh pieces like a fan and attach to the top of the carrot.


Step 5

Make a bow and attach to the top center of carrot.

Step 6

Attach open mesh ribbon on either side at the top of the carrots to be tendrils.20170302_074442-1

Wired ribbon can be curled around your finger for shaping. At this point you

can add whatever else to your wreath that you would like.

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